About Arte. 

Arte is a capsule art collection project done as a collaboration of designers and artists with International background sharing the same idea of paying homage to modern and contemporary artworks. Conceived by four renowned designers: Loreta Gudelj (clothing line), Mihaela Markovic (knitted bags), Priyanka Desai (jewellery) and Nasa posla (shoes) sharing the same idea and making pieces come together.

We present our collection in collaboration with visual artists. 

Chillida Edition collaborations:

Ivana Gagic Kicinbaci (murals and paintings)
Mihael Puntaric (sculpture instalation), Galerija Karas

Thank you:

Academy of visual arts / Galerija Forum / Galerija Karas
Illamasqua / Oriflame / Martix / Korlat / Choco me

Marina Jukic/ Doris Fatur/ Petra Sever/ Matej Tonkovic/ Marija Pavlovic/ Zvonimir Ferina